Friday, June 29, 2012

Look Who Came To Oklahoma!!!

Today was a very exciting and much anticipated day in the Cochran household... Hannah Harris has come to stay with us for a couple of weeks!!!

We've been looking forward to this very much (ever since we found out!!) and were happy to be able to finally drive down and pick her up from the airport early this afternoon. YAY!!!! :)

Everything looking good and according to schedule!! I was happy to be able to figure out how to check the flight schedule from the road. We were very thankful that WE arrived on time as well. :)

Will Rogers World Airport

A very special passenger pickup :)

Waiting (with great anticipation!!)

No sign of her yet...

...there she is!!!!!

We're so happy to have Hannah back in Oklahoma again - at least for a little while!!

Enjoying fellowship over iced tea and pretzels

Hannah and Shenandoah

Our dinner layout - "Brugge" sandwiches (a re-creation from Belgium) and some of our canned goodies. We used our Polish pottery serving dishes for the first time too!!

Everyone together!!

Thank you dear Harris family for the huge blessing of having Hannah stay with us. What a joy and delight!! It will certainly help the remaining time with daddy away pass most pleasantly as well. :) We love you all and look forward to someday when we can ALL be together!!!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012


I am pleased to introduce to you the newest members of our family... :)

First... Dandy (short for Dandelion) is are new little Pyrenees, Anatolian and Akbash mixed puppy!!! She couldn't be sweeter and is quite the *big* little cuddle bug!!! :) She is the newest member of the Cochran Property and Animal Guard Brigade (but she thinks she's a lap dog instead!! :) Last night after we brought her home and got her temporary dog house set up on the back deck we brought her inside for a few minutes. Where as before she was wide awake and a little sad to be outside without us, as soon as we brought her in she curled right up in Stasia's lap and fell asleep!!! :) It was hard for us to put her back outside. :) She is adjusting wonderfully and has added much joy to our life!!

Second and Third... Our two new little goat kids - both girls (YAY!!!) - who were born on Wednesday!!!!!!! They have yet to get named (we're working on that one), but we're very thankful for their safe arrival and that they didn't pose any issues for the "O" family!!! We are also thankful to another family from church, the Norwoods, who live nearby the "O's" and are such a blessing to be on goat standby and have been keeping an eye on the goats as well (since this is a new, but much looked forward to experience for the "O's"!!). The "O's" are such a blessing to be keeping the goats just a little longer for us!!

We went over the the "O's" house yesterday to fellowship, see the goat kids and do a few beekeeping things with them. Here are a few pictures from the day!!!

Sabrina packed lunch for us on the road - thank you, sis!!!

Sienna loved their new little puppy!!

The younger people enjoying some play time and fellowship

Sienna and Sydnee

Sherrod and Stasia

Knox and Seth

My buddy,William, and I

A few games of nerf dart guns occurred as well :)

Abby and Sabrina bathed Dandy - isn't she too cute?!

We start building frames

Everyone joins in!!!

Times with friends are sweet

Board games

Puppies like to chew...on anything!!!! :)

Sydnee and I suited up and ready to go!

This is the "O's" first year with beekeeping and I was happy to be able to help them look at a few things.

"I know those eggs should be around here somewhere..." - I found them!!!


I love this picture of my youngest sister!! :)

Sarah, Knox and I

Selah and Elly


Getting Dandy all set for the night

We brought her inside :)

She fell right asleep!!!

We love her so much!!!

"Thank you" to my wonderful mother for many of the pictures!!! :)

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

We've Been So Blessed... our church families!!!

From their "welcome home" when we arrived back in the states, helping us get our house de-winterized, meals that lasted forever and made the first couple weeks so much easier and continued support and help while daddy is away.

We really can't thank them enough - thank you all so much!!!

Last Sunday, a couple of the families came up to help us once again - this time with yard work!! The men were able to get it done so much faster than we ever could have and the yard looks so much better!! They were also able to help us lift all of our heavy buckets out of the storm shelter so we could clean off the mold. What a blessing!! Of course the time of fellowship was very much an added benefit and we enjoyed the afternoon/evening greatly. Here are a few pictures!!

We got to call daddy on face time and he was able to say "hello" to everyone! :)

Moving buckets

Some of the children picked apricots!! We have SO many we were very happy to be able to bless others with some too!!

Mr. Fleshman showed us how to identify...

...Shepherd's Purse!! It's supposed to be good and healthy in salads.

Thank you Ford and Fleshman (half of them anyway - unfortunately they had a few sick ones at home) families - what a blessing you are and we really appreciate it!!!

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Past Week In Review...

So here is a little bit more of a glimpse of our week - and it doesn't even cover everything!!! :)

Samson - that silly dog scattered squash scraps across our back deck!!

We've been eating a lot of vegetable creations!!! This is a delicious stir fry Sabrina made!!

Of course Seth built another castle :)

After being told to take a "calm down" break because of a bout of too much energy, this is how I found him... :)

Kitchen floor picnic after working outside!!

Look at all those carrots from our garden!!! This is very exciting for us because we've never gotten them to grow before!!! They are SO sweet!!!

Sabrina in the kitchen

Stasia studying up on harvesting and threshing wheat (we planted a little in the back yard).

The threshing begins!! It was a neat experiment and they had fun.

Our storm shelter leaked and grew mold while we were gone. Since it doubles as our cellar/storage area, some cleaning up and sorting through had to take place!!

Since everyone grew anywhere from an inch to two and a half while we were away, new clothes were in order. We said hello to the clothes containers in the shed once again!! :)

Apricots came on in full force!!! They are ready earlier than they were a couple of years ago since we had an earlier spring.

I walked back to the laundry room to put something away and found Shenandoah had crawled up there and was packing. I thinks she misses daddy...

Lots of apricots means lots more canning!!! This was Sabrina's picture idea (wasn't it a good one?!)

These are so good!!!

We found a fly dead on our planet Mercury window sticker. One of my siblings said it was good proof that Mercury can't support life. :)

Cochran kiddos signing off until next week (which I guess is only a day away :). Have a blessed Lord's day!!
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