Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Poland/Prague Weekend Day Two - Part One

Okay, here's day two for you!!

Eating breakfast that morning

An interesting bridge over the road
(and a dirty windshield! :)

Some Polish Countryside

This is something you don't see everyday in America - tiny little homes with a little patch of land.  To think that many people live like that really puts things in perspective!

This is where we ate lunch.  I don't know how to pronounce the name and won't attempt to remember how to spell it, but it was traditional Polish food (which was really good!) and the owners were so very nice!

Shenandoah enjoyed her apple drink

Mommy, Shenandoah and Daddy

Potato pancake

Polish pierogies

Down the table

Sayer and I

The decorations were neat

Outside the restaurant, there was a little farmers market going on - it was fun to look around and it reminded us of the one back home!

Us with the lady who owns the restaurant (her and her husband)

We had a very nice time visiting with her and she was telling us about how life felt before the Soviet Union fell.  It was very interesting.  One thing that stood out was how the people longed to be free - it was terrible for them under occupation.  Then when they were free, some started longing for occupation again because it was easier when the government fed them, gave them jobs, etc. and they didn't have to look for it themselves.  Hmmm...  we must remember.

One of our main reasons for going to Poland was to get some Polish pottery - mommy had wanted some for a long time!  It was a full, but successful day.  

There were tons of different kinds!

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