Saturday, June 16, 2012

Past Week In Review...

So here is a little bit more of a glimpse of our week - and it doesn't even cover everything!!! :)

Samson - that silly dog scattered squash scraps across our back deck!!

We've been eating a lot of vegetable creations!!! This is a delicious stir fry Sabrina made!!

Of course Seth built another castle :)

After being told to take a "calm down" break because of a bout of too much energy, this is how I found him... :)

Kitchen floor picnic after working outside!!

Look at all those carrots from our garden!!! This is very exciting for us because we've never gotten them to grow before!!! They are SO sweet!!!

Sabrina in the kitchen

Stasia studying up on harvesting and threshing wheat (we planted a little in the back yard).

The threshing begins!! It was a neat experiment and they had fun.

Our storm shelter leaked and grew mold while we were gone. Since it doubles as our cellar/storage area, some cleaning up and sorting through had to take place!!

Since everyone grew anywhere from an inch to two and a half while we were away, new clothes were in order. We said hello to the clothes containers in the shed once again!! :)

Apricots came on in full force!!! They are ready earlier than they were a couple of years ago since we had an earlier spring.

I walked back to the laundry room to put something away and found Shenandoah had crawled up there and was packing. I thinks she misses daddy...

Lots of apricots means lots more canning!!! This was Sabrina's picture idea (wasn't it a good one?!)

These are so good!!!

We found a fly dead on our planet Mercury window sticker. One of my siblings said it was good proof that Mercury can't support life. :)

Cochran kiddos signing off until next week (which I guess is only a day away :). Have a blessed Lord's day!!
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Flame of Jah said...

I don't mean to barge in, but are you an Okie?

Cochran Family said...

Yes, we live in "Okie" territory although we're not from here. Five of my siblings were born here though, so I guess they're Okies. :)



Flame of Jah said...

Well, hello from an Okie! I am not from here either, been here twelve years though. What part are you all in, we are south central.

Cochran Family said...

Hello to you too! We're sorry to just now be getting back with you, but its been a busy week canning!! :) We are in north western.

Thanks for stopping by!