Thursday, June 21, 2012

We've Been So Blessed... our church families!!!

From their "welcome home" when we arrived back in the states, helping us get our house de-winterized, meals that lasted forever and made the first couple weeks so much easier and continued support and help while daddy is away.

We really can't thank them enough - thank you all so much!!!

Last Sunday, a couple of the families came up to help us once again - this time with yard work!! The men were able to get it done so much faster than we ever could have and the yard looks so much better!! They were also able to help us lift all of our heavy buckets out of the storm shelter so we could clean off the mold. What a blessing!! Of course the time of fellowship was very much an added benefit and we enjoyed the afternoon/evening greatly. Here are a few pictures!!

We got to call daddy on face time and he was able to say "hello" to everyone! :)

Moving buckets

Some of the children picked apricots!! We have SO many we were very happy to be able to bless others with some too!!

Mr. Fleshman showed us how to identify...

...Shepherd's Purse!! It's supposed to be good and healthy in salads.

Thank you Ford and Fleshman (half of them anyway - unfortunately they had a few sick ones at home) families - what a blessing you are and we really appreciate it!!!

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