Saturday, June 2, 2012

Look Who Came To Germany!!

The end of April, we had a delightful surprise of Joshua coming to Germany!!!  His first overseas flight after settling into his base back in the states came into Ramstein.  How providential!!  It was so good to see him again and we all enjoyed catching up on some fellowship - we only wished we could have had more time.  Unfortunately, we had reservations in East Germany that night so we had to leave in the early afternoon, but we still had a great time.  Of course we have a few pictures...

Daddy picked Joshua up and brought him over in the morning 

Shenandoah still likes "Bub" just as much as ever! :)

We took a little walk and were able to show him some of our village

A group picture once again - it's hard to believe it had been nearly seven months since we were all in Oklahoma together.  What's even funnier is that the first time we were together again was in Germany!!!

We picked up some subway for lunch and headed to the base park to eat it

It started to rain, but thankfully they had a covered area for us to use!

Shenandoah found her way to "Bub" every chance she got :)

We were so thankful for the time of fellowship and we were very glad Joshua got to come!!!

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Lisa said...

Way cool!! Isn't it amazing how God can work things out?!?!? Thanks for posting pictures! I'm so glad y'all got some time together.