Friday, June 8, 2012

Hello and a Few Pictures!

Hello Friends!

I hope this finds everyone doing lovely!! We are doing well - missing daddy, still a little jet lagged and not quite adjusted back to normal yet, but we're getting there!! The house is looking more like normal, so that's a plus! :)
I have both some good and bad news...

The bad news is that I went to turn on our computer and do some more of our "European Adventure" blog posts, but to my dismay it is not working!!! Hence the lack of new posts (now that my scheduled ones are finished posting).

The good news is that although I won't be able to continue with any posts from the rest of our time in Germany for the present, I plan on keeping you all up to date with some current happenings on the homefront via phone and iPad! (bear with possible interesting formatting and not the usual photo quality :). I'm still working on remembering to take pictures with my phone and not the camera!!
Below are some pictures from the past few days..

Monday was daddy and mommy's anniversary! Us kids had so much fun working with daddy to prepare things on this end for a face-time anniversary dinner for the two of them. It worked out really well!! I'm looking forward to posting more pictures, but they're currently on my camera. :) Daddy was able to order some flowers and then have a friend who lives close by our house and was going to be in town pick them up and drop them by our house (since the flower shop doesn't deliver out here!).

Still getting over jet lag - asleep on a short trip to town. :)

Beautiful Oklahoma Skies

Of course, after four months, we had to go to Cherry Berry!! :)

Best on the Planet!

Shen and I

Unpacking, unpacking and more unpacking!

Sabrina put some special toppings on some pancakes that friends made us for breakfast! Our church families have been such a blessing to us in helping us get settled back in!

We stopped by the Fleshman's house to pick up some yummy fresh vegetables and milk (and of course we enjoyed a little fellowship too!)!!

In the tree house

Look at all of those bags!! Most of them are green beans, but there are a few pickling cucumbers too.

Face-time with daddy - we're so thankful for modern technology!! :) (most of the time ;)

Germany on our minds - Seth builds a castle once again!

We enjoyed some DELICIOUS speghetti carbonara that Sabrina made (actually left over from daddy and mommy's anniversary!) for lunch today while we...canned!!! (more on that soon)


Lisa said...

CHERRY BERRY!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish we had those here :)

Fun to see pictures of you all back in OK. Glad you're all doing well!!


Lauren said...

Welcome back to the US!