Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Sienna!!!

Last Monday was Sienna's 12th birthday!! We had a fun time celebrating her birthday and it even spread over two days because her birthday dinner didn't end up being done in time!! :) We had a birthday dinner for her in Germany with daddy right before we left (at her choice of German restaurant), but I will have to post those pictures some other time (once daddy is home and we have a working computer other than the iPad!!). Below are the ones from last Monday!

Group picture!! (It would be fun to post a string of these pictures through the years sometime and see how much everyone has changed!! Hmm....future blog post idea :).

Sienna and Shenandoah

Sienna and Sayer

Sienna and Seth

Sienna and Stasia

Sienna and Sabrina

Sienna and I

Remembering Germany (we were so surprised to find a couple kinds of RitterSport chocolate at Wal-Mart! We enjoyed those a little too much while we were in Germany :) They sure don't have the variety though and they're just not as good - really).

I thought this was a fun picture. She was excited to get to add the first 12 Elsie books to her personal library!

A birthday prayer.

Blowing out the candles!! Isn't it funny how this picture turned out?! I thought it was kind of neat. :) Half camera with flash and half iPad!!

Sayer said the "B" stood for "The Best Buba". :) For those of you who don't know, that has been our family nick name for him since Shenandoah called him that when she was little.

Happy Birthday Sienna - We love you bunches!!!

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