Sunday, June 3, 2012

Driving on the "Wrong" Side - a funny story...

I forgot to mention this in my "Scotland Day One" post, but we had a little funny experience the first night in England that I thought you might enjoy.

Daddy did great driving  - although it did take a little getting used to (especially going around the round a bouts the other way).  We were on the highway headed to the Air Base where we were going to spend the night when we came upon a toll booth.  Well, we quickly became confused because we couldn't go through and yet we were looking all up and down the left side to see the person or ticket or something, but they were no where in sight!!!  Pretty soon we heard someone calling us and we turned to the right :) - we had to remember that toll booth workers were on the other side of the car!!  The lady was really nice though and could tell we were still getting adjusted to things.  We paid the toll and were on our way again, but we all had a good laugh about that.  I think we brightened the toll lady's night up too with the good laugh she probably had as well!! :)

Just a little something, but I couldn't miss mentioning it!


~ Savannah

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