Saturday, March 30, 2013

January 2013 Overview

Hey!  I'm actually blogging this year now!!  :)

The first couple weeks of January, everyone (minus mommy and myself) got what daddy had!

The Cochran medical lineup.  Lots of good stuff!!

Mommy and myself sure were busy keeping the house going and taking care of everyone.  We had fun working together!

Lots of chicken soup.

Pretty clouds.

The younger ones were playing in the backyard and Seth and Shenandoah ran inside telling me I had to take a picture of the sky...

...and another a couple minutes later...

...then Shenandoah ran inside "Nanny! Come see!!  Now it's PINK!!!" It was really pretty.

In the kitchen.

Building with gearopolis. 

Learning the pearl stitch.

We had a wonderful day of fellowship with the Bryan family.

Sienna made peanut butter - it was great! (and I don't like peanut butter!)

Blokus (of course :).

Fellowship with the Ahlgren's and Fleshman's.

Keith and Seth.


Fun times together.

Working on the chore board (and crocheting). 

More Blokus.

Canning some things we had frozen from last year.




Mr. Bass - our very nice carpet man.

We got our carpet stretched.

Scanning pictures - prep for daddy's retirement.

Hotdogs and chips - a very unusual dinner for our family!

Yes, we WERE addicted.  I'm pleased to say that we aren't anymore though - we haven't played Blokus in 2 hours. :)

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