Friday, March 29, 2013

A Visit From Friends - December 2012

In December, we were blessed by a visit from some dear old friends that we hadn't gotten to see in quite a while.  We very much enjoyed the fellowship and only wish we could have had more!  We look forward to the next time that our families are together!!

The weather was nice (considering it was December) and the kids enjoyed playing outside.

Sam loves animals!!

Visiting in the living room.

They enjoyed going back outside in the daylight!

A friendly dual - Shenandoah better watch out!

Wow.  Hmmm... Maybe she can fend for herself after all. :)

Lollipop break!

Daddy was able to come home and we all enjoyed some more great fellowship over lunch.

Thank you Chalfont's for coming!!  We look forward to next time!!

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