Thursday, March 28, 2013

Overview of May 2012 - Part Two

German countryside.

 A path near our village.

Dinner at the Food Court.

Daddy and Sheny.

Final walks in our village.

We enjoyed having Major Yape over one last time and also fixing daddy an early birthday dinner since we wouldn't be here to do it the day of.

The appliance pick up truck.

Rock climbing!

We were very proud of our scared-of-heights boy!

I looked in the kitchen one day and this is what I found.  I guess that's one way to get gunk out of your fingernails!! :)

We told the gelato man "goodbye" and gave him one of our sand plum jellies from back home.

Storms in the distance from the base park.

An early birthday dinner for Sienna.

Ice cream!

That would be us before too long!

Enjoying our back yard.

The church in our village.


We went to this restaurant up by the castle ruins with the Gernert's the weekend before we left.

It was great!

Flammkuchen is delicious!!

Looking out through the walls of the castle... the beautiful scenery below!

Looking over at the restaurant. 

German village.

Goodbye to "our" Germany grocery store!

Goodbye to our room...

...our street...

...and Ramstein.

Our neighbors had us over to say "goodbye".

Ms. Uta made three kinds of German cake!

It was so nice of them to do this.

Everything was delicious!


Some friends of theirs stopped by with some Turkish dishes.

Ida asleep with her grandpa.  Ms. Uta's parents are really nice too. 

Sabrina got to hold ida.

She is getting big!

We were so blessed by such great neighbors!!  Thank you Lutz family!!

We watched "Courageous" as a family the night before we left (it looks like I fell asleep though!).

We made the space a call.

Goodbye Germany (at least for now :)!

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