Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Overview of May 2012 - Part One

I hope you've enjoyed all the pictures of our travels in Europe.  Now that I'm finished with all of our traveling posts, I wanted to end with a few on what we did locally last May as well as our travels home.

Doing school with the boys.

Lunch in the living room.

The trees started to bloom and were so lovely!

A street in our village.

Looking out over our village from a high point.

The gelato man started making his rounds!  

Seth found a snail shell and we found this on the counter. :)

Mommy and Mrs. Gernert went out for lunch.

Night over our village.

Seth built a castle.

School work.

Listening to "I'm Proud To Be An American" - after going to Normandy, she was very interested in the crosses and the men who died.  She would say "Can I listen to the men who died song?".

Ready for a walk!

The sun over our village.

By the clock tower in our village.

Looking down the road - our house was just around the bend.

Out our back window.

Enjoying doner at the base park.

This was the BEST slide!! :)

Sayer made lunch.

We were trying to get all the 20 weeks done that we had taken with us.

Mommy, Stasia, and Daddy went out for a special time together.

Storm clouds over the base. I didn't quite miss out on storm season after all as we got a couple pretty good thunderstorms while we were there.

Felt dolls from cousin Becky.

Fun box from friends back home.

Doner in Miesenbach. 

Enjoying a last brunch at the "O" Club.

Having fun at the park.



...and more packing! 
"How did I get this to fit on the way over?"!!! (Important travel tip: remember to leave extra space for souvenirs! :).

Making some stuff for daddy to have in the freezer. 

The first time we went back to Nanstein it was closed, so we just walked around the grounds.

By our first castle.


Kaufland here we come!

This was the boy's favorite aisle. :)

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