Friday, March 29, 2013

December 2012 Overview

Okay, this was November, but I forgot to add this to our November post!  Thanksgiving weekend (after our wonderful festivities with friends), we had a day of celebration as a family.  That morning around breakfast, we all had fun making a list of at least 100 things we were thankful for.

Enjoying the boys' new nerf bow and arrow.

Our grandfather went to be with the Lord.  We grieved his loss, but are thankful to know that he is in heaven.  He was ready to go see Jesus and also be with grandma again.  Poor Seth had pneumonia, so he and mommy had to stay home while the rest of us traveled up for the funeral.  Our cousins, Lori and Julian, road with us.
My little buddy.

They introduced us to Apples to Apples - it sure makes traveling go by fast!

Back at home, they spent the weekend with us and the cousins all enjoyed some time together.  Seth was disappointed that we kept him more cooped up than the other ones.

Gas prices dropped to 2.89 and even ended up going lower!
(They're right back up again now though.)

December is our big deep, deep, cleaning month.  It's like spring cleaning in the winter. :)

...and out!

Shenandoah decided she would help by *polishing* the window.  This incident provoked the following dialog...
Sabrina: "Shenandoah!  What are you doing?!?!"
Shenandoah: "I'm helping you clean the window."
Sabrina: "You can't clean the window with a polish rag.  I finally got all the smudges off and now I have to do it all over again!"
Shenandoah: "I'm sorry MeMe, I was trying to help you."
Sabrina: "That's okay, Shenandoah.  Thank you for trying to help." (who can resist such an adorable little innocent cutie pie?! :)

After two whole days of cleaning...

...but we're not done yet!

Dancing together.

All ready to travel.

Building legos together.

Trying to finish school before the first of the year.

Sabrina's delicious caramel popcorn!!


In our family, this is what happens when your youngest people are two boys then a girl - sometimes Shen plays boy stuff with the boys, and other times the boys play dolls with her.

We got our first frost.

Beautiful winter sunset.

Parachute drop!

During daddy's break over the holidays...
We played plenty of Blokus!!

Enjoyed a new dart board.

Went to dinner as a family.

Had a great evening of fellowship with the Ahlgren's.

Sabrina and Keith. 

Shenandoah and Lilian had fun playing together.

After the recent Botkin "Reclaiming Beauty" webinar, we ladies had fun doing some color draping.

Eating dinner together.

We had so much fun fellowshipping, that we ended up persuading them to stay the night!

The rest of December...
We enjoyed some healthy dessert.

Poor daddy got very sick!

Lastly, we camped out on New Year's Eve.

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