Saturday, March 30, 2013

February 2013 Overview

Stasia directed and filmed a titanic film with Shen and the boys.

It's hard to see, but there was a woodpecker in our tree!

Sabrina made thumbprints...

...and pizza!!!


She even made low carb/gluten free versions!

We helped the "O's" move...

...and enjoyed lunch in their barn!!

Looking quite the gentleman.

Daddy and Shen.

We enjoyed an evening of fellowship with the Crain's.

Coffee roasting was on the agenda.

The kids enjoyed playing with Cara - she even did some science experiments with them!

Dishes and dessert!

Cara and Shenandoah.

The boys got to go to work with daddy!

They were excited to do the T-38 simulator!

Daddy and his sons.

Seth got his first military ID!

A man from daddy's squadron and his wife had triplets!!!  We got to take them some meals and...hold the triplets!!! :)

We got our first "good" snow of the winter. 

She was excited, but disappointed because she had a cold and wanted to be outside!!

Building a little snowman.

Mommy and the younger ones sledding!  She let Shen bundle up and go down a couple of times.  Sampson (our dog) is so funny.  I don't think he quite knew what to think about the sledding!  He would bound down the hill with the sledders!!

Sienna makes the best biscuits!

Delicious by themselves or with homemade jam/jelly and honey!!

They go perfect with chicken and dumplings!!

Seth loves the story of the three trees.  He built a re-creation of them in the living room.

Stasia and Sayer doing a science experiment together.

Apparently they used Sayer's head for the experiment. :)

Helping with the dishes.

Cauliflower fried rice - sounds gross, but tastes DELICIOUS!!!

A little bird out back.

Stasia and I got to do the simulator too!!

We decided that if Stasia handled the in flight maneuvers, and I landed, we should be able to make it on the ground just fine - as long as I landed like I did on the third try. :)

Mr. Thomas came and stayed the weekend with us while the rest of his family was out of town.  He taught us how to play sudoku!!!

He brought us some chocolate from Whole Foods!!


We enjoyed the fellowship!

They got some outside work done too!

We finally had gotten enough moisture to do some burning.

We had a double baby shower.

Mrs. Bender shared some encouraging thoughts with the ladies.

Food break.

Ariel made the lovely cake!

Beautiful flowers - isn't God's creation wonderful?!


The "O's".
Unfortunately the rest of them were sick! :(

Julia cut the cake for us!


Some of the Cook's!

The proceedings.

The five Cochran sisters.


She's cleaning too! Licking works. ;)

We were getting ready in case the power went out because of...

...a huge snow dump!!
(9" is huge by Oklahoma's standards :).

We did lose power, but could cook on top of our wood burning stove.

It was an experiment, but worked out great!

We even cooked bread and Sabrina made french toast the next morning.

It was good!

We couldn't believe all the snow!!!

To add to the adventure, our generator stopped working the first night of the power outage.  The following day, a man from church who lives about 2 hours away, heard that our generator broke, left work, had his boys load up their generator and a load of wood while he was on his way home, and then they headed right this way.  His wife even made us a HUGE pot of delicious chicken rice soup.  We were so blessed!!!

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