Saturday, March 30, 2013

Getting Ready For Daddy's Retirement!

The power outage was a little bit more of an adventure than it would have normally been because we were needing to finish all the cooking and prep for daddy's retirement!!!  The power went out Monday night and Friday was the retirement.  It's hard to cook without a stove, but the blessing is that we were able to use the Chapel Activity Center's kitchen on base.

Wednesday we loaded up our kitchen and off we went!

Lunch was on the agenda too.

Daddy came over from the squadron.

Lots of cooking!!!
(after pizza for lunch, of course!).

When we got home that night, our power was on - what a blessing!!!  The Lord's ways are perfect.

On Thursday, daddy picked Joshua up from the airport and then we all did some set up in at the auditorium.  We had been trying to get a family picture out on the flight line for quite a while, but things kept getting in the way.  It finally worked out though and Joshua was able to take it for us!
On the bus.

In front of daddy's plane.

It was FREEZING!!!

On our way!

In front of the squadron. 

The Gobart family came into town and after some dinner that we had packed on base, we all headed over to Starbucks.  What a great night of fellowship!!

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