Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Weekend of Fellowship

The weekend of daddy's retirement, we enjoyed hosting people in our home and the wonderful time of fellowship that we had with them!

After the retirement ceremony, we headed back to our house with those who were staying the night and visited for a while.

Stasia read books to the younger ones.

There's hardly anything to do when you have so many helping hands!

Lunch time!

Uncle Andy, Daddy, Aunt Peggy, and Bobby.

Amy started a challenge: Spin your arm and leg of the same side in opposite directions - it IS a challenge!!!

I think pretty much everybody ended up doing it - you sure look funny in the process though!! :)

Mrs. Pentimone and Mommy.

The men enjoying fellowshipping.

We girls were able to do quite a bit of fellowshipping too!

The next day after church, we headed off to Cherry Berry with the "O's" and Fleshman's!!

Alyssa and Sienna.

Knox, Abby, and Sabrina.


Shenandoah enjoyed a ride on "Mango" - the feisty horse, and "Chester" - the calm horse.  She says Mango is her favorite. :)

Bub and Shenandoah.

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