Friday, January 20, 2012

The Cochran Zoo - December 28th, 2011

Yes, that is what everyone has nick named our load of animals lately!!  :) We are so blessed by the "O" family taking care of our animals for us while we're away.  We loaded them up and headed over to the "O" family house.  After dropping off the animals, we had a great evening of fellowship.  Thank you guys!!!

 And after several delays... we arrive!!!

 Mr. Rogers stopped by on his way home from work.  The Rogers family is one of the most joyful ones I know.  They are always wearing a smile and always focus on the good in any difficult situation!!  It is always such an encouragement.


 ...the animals come out!

 William likes Hercules

 Hercules and Ranger are not sure about each other - Hercules thinks he rules the place!! :)

 Playing cars with the boys


 The parents visiting

 Eating dinner

 The other table

 The "O"'s gave us a refresher course on the Virginia Reel!

 We all got to watch William's movie!!!

 It was FANTASTIC - so special!  Great work Sarah!!!

William and I

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