Friday, January 20, 2012

The Thomas Family Came For A Visit - December 22-23, 2011

We were all reminded of just how much life really is a vapor and how everything can change just in an instant.  The Thomases were coming up for an evening of fellowship when they were hit by another car at the end of our road.  We praise God for their safety and that they only had minor injuries.  We were still able to fellowship in the midst of helping and getting everything taken care of.  They spent the night and we had more fellowship the next morning!

 The Thomases van

 The scene of the accident
(thankfully the older lady that hit them was okay as well)

 Poor Mrs. Thomas was cut all the way through her lower lip and they think she broke her nose!

 Back at our house getting everyone fixed and warmed up!

 They decided to go ahead and go to the ER when they realized Mrs. Thomas needed her lip taken care of.

 While the parents were gone, Matthew read the Bible to us, we talked, and watched "The Great Escape"

 Hot Chocolate!

Notice Sabrina's neck knife - it goes with her wherever she is! (although she wears it inside her shirt when we're out ;)

 The parents got back safely and we had a good night of fellowship!

 Ouch!!  Mr. Thomas' lip was very bruised

Shenandoah and Micaiah

 Sayer, Matthew, Stasia, and Seth

 The parents

 Daddy and Mr. Thomas

 Mrs. Thomas and Mommy

Kid picture!  
(Sadly, Melanie was sick, so her and Marscel had stayed home the day before)

As always, any time with the Thomas family was very much enjoyed.  Thank you all for coming!!!  


Lisa said...

Wow...glad everyone is okay!

We absolutely LOVE "The Great Escape!!" It was pretty funny to see that you all were watching it, too. Great movie...definitely one of our favorites.

Mikaela said...

So glad God protected them! These are the Thomases who won the JT400, right? That is fantastic that you have stayed in touch with them!

Gods Country Boy said...

Whoa, I must admit, I like the idea of a neck knife! Pretty nifty! I think I might try that......
Glad to hear the family is all right after that wreck.
Great escape is an awesome movie.
Sounds like a heap of fun!

Cochran Family said...

Thank you all for the comments!

Mikaela: Yes, these are the same Thomases. Mr. Thomas's job brought them to OK and they actually go to our church now!! They're a great family!! :)