Thursday, January 19, 2012

Misc. November and December Stuff

We went to a really great Theodore Roosevelt impersonation night at our local college auditorium.  The gentleman did a really great job!

 Picture time!

 Mommy was under the weather - look at all her herbs, teas, and concoctions!!! 

 We got a new wall fixture  - oh wait - ...

 It's daddy!! :)  
We put a vent in the wall by our woodstove to help get the heat up the stairs

 Shenandoah and Sayer


 The four youngest ones in our family

 Mr. Rogers, Micah, and Jonah blessed us by coming over and putting on the finishing touches to our roof and some other misc stuff.  The boys helped bring up wood.  Thank you!!

 Daddy and mommy got iPads so that we could skype (or face time) while we're in Germany.  Mommy put some educational games on hers for the kids on the flight over.  Daddy was enjoying them too! :)

 Actually, he was trying to help us figure out why it wasn't working

 Shenandoah helping to "organize"

(our deep, deep, deep cleaning!!)


 Family talk and prayer time

Isn't this a cute stance?!

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