Friday, January 20, 2012

New Year's 2012

We were originally going to go to a party put on by a family from our church, but the Lord had other plans.  Most of us were sick!!  Oh well, we had a great day as a family anyway and are thankful for the fact that this has been a fairly healthful winter for us since there has been so much going around.

 We played a geography game

Daddy and Mommy surprised each of us with a new book, pair of pajamas, and a journal for Germany!  Thank you daddy and mommy!!!

That evening, we had family prayer and bible time, watched "Facing the Giants" (a great way to end the year!) and then some of the kids had a slumber party in the living room...
 Shenandoah was too cute in her bed!



 Poor daddy wasn't feeling good at all!!  I love you daddy!!!

Mommy, Sabrina, and I had a late night "Blockus" challenge!

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