Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In Which We Arrived...

...in Germany!!!

Yay!!  We landed!!

Ms. Patty and Mommy
Ms. Patty and mommy have been good friends ever since we were stationed together in Japan more than 18 years ago!!  Though we've stayed in touch, we've never been stationed at the same place again until now when we're both in Germany - once again overseas!!
Daddy, Ms. Patty, and a man that daddy works with met us at the airport to help transport all of us and our stuff to our house (the vehicles are really small over here so that was a blessing!)

Our German home

The front entry

Beautiful flowers, fruit baskets, and German gummy bears!
Ms. Jennie (our English land lady) is such a  sweet lady and had arranged some nice surprises for us to help us feel welcome - she continues to take such good care of us and is a huge blessing!

She also brought us some German dessert breads

And also a personalized key holder!


Shenandoah loves the stairs!

Lots of luggage! 
(we didn't do too bad :)

Seth asked to use one of daddy's and mommy's bedside tables.  He organized all of his stuff!

Sayer organized his on our windowsill

Shenandoah really likes her new bed and slept great!

This was an answer to prayer... We were able to get a very good price on a rental van that seats our whole family!

We ate dinner at the Base food court...

...it's very nice and quite large!!

Daddy showed us the hotel that he stayed in when he first arrived

It's only a ten minute drive home...do you think we're suffering from a little jet lag?! :)

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