Friday, January 20, 2012

Trip To Visit Family Part Three - January 6th, 2012

Friday night we stayed with Uncle Joe, Aunt Teresa, Jacob, Mckenna, and Jack.  We had a great evening together - it was so much fun!!!  Thank you for having us - we love you!!!

 Aunt Teresa made a great dinner - thank you so much!!!

 Sayer, Jack, and Stasia playing chess

 McKenna, Sabrina, and Sienna

 Talking technology and face time

 Self portrait on the way to...

 Peach Wave!!! It was great!!! 
(I'm still partial to Cherry Berry though) - you guys need to come down here and we'll take you!! :)

 Jack, Shenandoah, and Seth

 This looks familiar

 Table one

 Table two

 Going through the line

 Table three

 Anyone need a back rub?

 "Hey, she's pretty good!"

 Jack made "Uncle Phill" a special pouch with feathers inside.

 Can you tell they're siblings? :)

 Uncle Joe and Stasia

 Old pictures are so much fun to look at!  Great memories!

 And of course, "Chinese numbers"! :)

 Saturday morning, Jack taught me how to play "speed" - thank you, Jack!  That was fun!

 Jacob, McKenna, Jack, Uncle Joe, and Aunt Teresa


Just for fun, here are a few old pictures!! 
(I love doing "then and now"comparisons :)
 Jacob and I a LONG time ago (1994)

 Savannah, Grandpa, and Jacob  - storytime - I love this picture (1995)

 (me), Grandpa, and Jacob not quite so long ago (2003)

 (me) and Jacob now - cousins are great!!

 We got to go to McKenna's basket ball game.  Her team won - yay!!!

 Watching the game

 Two boys and their hats

Sayer (poor boy with the sun in his eyes!), Jack and Seth

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