Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our First Couple Days in Germany...

It's great having daddy so close - 10 minutes away is awesome! (back home its 1/2 hour!) So we've enjoyed daddy being able to come home for lunch.  We still are getting used to the time change and so a few of us were still in our pajamas that day. :)

 Unpacking and getting settled in!

 Seth helping

 Our first German dinner!  We ate here our 2nd night in Germany.
Several of us had the traditional favorite of Germany "Schnitzel"


 Over here when you ask for water, they ask you if you want "water with gas?" Hmmm... interesting if you don't expect it!!  Ha ha, they actually just want to know if you want your water carbonated.  We tried it and it was fun! (Shenandoah wasn't too thrilled with it though)

 Yum!  A German Latte

 Our first experience of a German grocery store.  It makes you very thankful to have pictures on the outside of packages!! Otherwise it could be interesting... :)

 We had a birthday celebration for Seth!  He turned 9 the day we left and started our travels.
We didn't have candles, so the gummy bears worked instead and he got German dessert bread as his treat! :)  
We love you Seth!!!

 Birthday goings on around the table

 He got a really neat dinosaur book


 A birthday prayer

 Pictures really don't do it justice, but the roads are extremely narrow over here and the driving rules take some getting used to! 

 Ms. Patty has been such a blessing answering our questions and showing us around the base.  Shenandoah really likes "Ms. Patty".

 This lady was helpful with maps and information on the local area and sites to see around Germany.

 This place...

 ...had some fun treats!
I don't know what they are called.  We're still at the "look, point, and buy" stage. :)

 Getting swung by mommy and daddy!
We've done a little shopping at the BX on base - it is HUGE!!!

Girl Scout cookies are yummy!
Mommy was a Girl Scout when she was a little girl, and we couldn't pass up the cookies.

Of course we got the "Savannah Smiles" :)

 Reading books

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amy said...

It looks like y'all have been having a good time getting settled into your new home in Germany!

It was great to hear from you a couple days ago! I'll be writing you back soon (and I actually can reply relatively soon when I'm emailing :-)

Blessings to you!