Saturday, March 3, 2012

Coffee and Ration Cards

Here is another interesting, somewhat funny, tidbit that we're experiencing here...

As many of you know, my father "appreciates good coffee" (wording by daddy :). While here, he's adjusting to something ration cards!!  Yes, you're rationed as to how much coffee you can purchase on base. He's hoping his ration card lasts. :)

Stasia didn't help matters the other day while daddy was at work - she accidently brewed some regular coffee instead of mommy's decaf!  Ooops!  Daddy just found this out as I was typing this post...Stasia's in trouble  - but not too bad :) She makes a good cup of coffee though - mommy has appointed her the official coffee maker.

The coffee ration card (and of course Starbucks Coffee!)

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Sarina said...

We had ration cards for coffee when I was there in the early 80's.. I guess I never really understood why!