Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Chocolate Factory!! (Part Two)

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Next up is the surprise (later this afternoon), so stay tuned!! :)

Welcome to the world of Lindt

The machinery in the first half of the room

Machine #1

The roaster

A little bit more about the roasting process

Machine #2

The milling machine

Machine #3

The cocoa mill

Machine #4

The Mixer

Yummy!!!  Look at that chocolate!!!

The machines on the other half of the room

Machine #5

The rolling mill

Machine #6

The conche


There was even a chocolate fountain!!!

You even got to taste it :)

Machine #'s 20 and 21
 (I think I missed a few somewhere - oh well! :)

The filling station

There goes the chocolate into the molds!

The black device in the middle loosens the chocolate from the molds

Here, the chocolate is dumped out of the molds...

...and continues down the line...

...while the molds go up and out!!

The robot transfers the chocolate from one side...

...to the next!

It's broken apart

At which time it goes to the wrapping machine

All the chocolates coming down the line!!

Getting wrapped!!

A "big picture" view

On the second level of the museum

We read about the production of hollow products

Some examples

It was fun to watch the different people at work

Cocoa in Central America

Hot Chocolate as a Luxury Drink

Industrialisation of chocolate production

The view out the windows was very pretty!

Then we spotted...

...a UFO!!!
(probably an advertisement for something)

We had to go down the elevator in two shifts (it was a small one!). When mommy and I came down with the stroller, this is what we saw when the doors opened - two great little guys!

I have a GREAT dislike for elevators - especially that one!!! :)

 We had fun shopping at the chocolate store!!

 There were too many choices!!! :)

Look at all that chocolate!!

 We then enjoyed some delightfully delicious treats at the cafe!!!


 Shenandoah tasting her hot chocolate

 Her opinion of it :)

Good to the last drop!!

Daddy and Shenandoah

Stasia and Sabrina

Sayer, Sienna, and Seth

Mommy and I

I wonder what was on his mind?... Maybe he was getting a chocolate coma :)

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures!!!

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