Monday, March 5, 2012

Cochran Chronicles

Hello and greetings to all of you!!!  I hope this finds you doing well and getting ready for spring!! Although we have colder temperatures and some icing rain today, it has been much warmer. We've been taking advantage of the warmer temperatures and have enjoyed taking many walks, exploring our little village on foot, and playing in our backyard. Our German neighbors told the younger ones the other day that they could play with and on any of their outside toys, so they were pretty excited about that!! I even enjoyed playing a little game with them on a couple different days when I was feeling up to running a little.  My siblings made it up and call it "capture".   There are so many neat little walking trails woven in and throughout our village. They've been so nice to walk on - that is one thing that we are going to miss when we go back home.

Coming up I'll have a few new posts and a little surprise that I'm really excited about. So, I'll get to posting some pictures and happenings from last week and also from this past weekend.

Oh! If you look in our sidebar, you'll notice a new "Recipe Box" page (click here)!! We decided to share some of the recipes we've been enjoying lately with you all. You'll find Sabrina's bagels as well as her pumpkin muffins that I posted pictures of a few weeks ago - that way you can enjoy them for yourselves because they were DELICIOUS!!

Blessings to you all!!

- Savannah

P.S. Thank you to everyone who voted on our poll - it was fun to see your opinion!!!

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