Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Great Visit With Old Friends

We had the great opportunity to visit with and catch up with some old friends, Austin and Beth S.!!!  They are stationed here at Ramstein for 3 years.  They had us over for a delightful dinner and night of fellowship.  Beth's family lives near us in Oklahoma.  Back when Beth was still Beth W. and all of us were quite a bit younger, we enjoyed playing with Beth and her sisters so much.  They would always let us fix their hair, play with their dolls, read us books and the like.  We hadn't seen Beth since her wedding, so it was very nice to see her again and get to know Austin as well.  They are such sweet people.  Here are a few pictures of the night.

Beth fixed us a delicious meal and yummy homemade fruit sauce with whipped cream for dessert!!

Austin makes great espresso!!  I think he's one of the rare people that likes coffee as much as daddy does! :)

"Your coffee is served"


The kids had fun in the play room 

They're expecting their first little one later this year, so we took them a little something for their baby.

Thank you so much for having us!!!  It was great to see you both again and the fellowship was great!!
God bless you both!!!

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