Monday, March 19, 2012

Cochran Chronicles

Greetings once again from Germany!!

I was typing this a couple of days ago, but am just now posting it!!  Oh well!! :)

We praise the Lord for His goodness and thank Him that we are all doing well and enjoying a lovely week!!  I'm thankful to be experiencing less POTS symptoms the past few days  - which is a huge blessing!!

The weather is LOVELY!!!  I'm sitting here at the desk with the window (actually the door) wide open beside me - enjoying bright sunny blue skies(!), listening to birds chirping outside and planes above in the pattern in the distance.  Oh - and there are the church bells chiming at the half hour!!  Just beautiful!!

It's Thursday (our usual cleaning day - although we've gotten a little off sinc since being here! :) and we're just finishing up some house cleaning and everything is looking (and smelling!) fresh and clean!!  Everyone is about to go to their perspective places to enjoy some quiet time - maybe read a book, finish some school for the week, play in the backyard or in my case, catch up on some blogging. :)  A little while ago we walked to the park behind and a little down from our house and had some fun playtime - it is a perfect day for it!!

We've just been doing the normal things this week - chores, laundry, school with all of the younger ones and everything that goes into keeping things up in the home.  Yesterday, daddy came home for lunch and then after taking him back to work (so we could have the van) we all went to the base for the afternoon.  We had a great time!! Our afternoon consisted of the post office, grocery shopping, and the BX.  We took a great walk last night (although Seth had a little battle with the mud hole by the creek and the creek won :) and had fun playing freeze tag as a family (even daddy and mommy!!).

This weekend we are celebrating Sabrina's birthday!!!  She turns 15 on Monday - wow!!  I'm so thankful for my wonderful sister - she is such a blessing and joy in my life and to our family!!  Anyway, her birthday is Monday, but since daddy has to be gone most of the week on a short mission elsewhere, we are celebrating earlier.  It will be fun though.  She wants to stay close, so we're going to enjoy the area around our village and then go out to dinner (her choice of restaurant!).  I think the rest of us are still going to do a little something on Monday too. :)

I have a several posts full of pictures that I will hopefully be getting up soon - I'm a little later with posting this week!  Next week, daddy will have the computer with him, so you'll have to look for new posts again towards the end of the week or the beginning of the next.  Which brings me to...

Our Giveaway!!!  If you haven't entered yet, please be sure to do so!!!  It has been wonderful to hear from everyone and we've really enjoyed it.  Remember, even if you don't have a blogger account, you can still enter - just select "Anonymous" and be sure to leave your name in the comment.  It ends on Tuesday, so you have a couple more days to do so!! You may be wondering how I'm going to announce the winners without a computer?  I'll still be able to!! I can do text and pictures on mommy's iPad, but I don't think I'll be able to do a video now.  I hope that's not a disappointment for anyone, but I'll take lots of pictures!! (You know you can count on me to do that!! :)

I guess that's all for now!!  Look for some new posts - maybe tomorrow?!

Blessings dear friends and have a lovely rest of your week and weekend!!

~ Savannah

Note: I was able to save a few pictures to our blog so that I could do a few posts while daddy is gone this week (since he has the computer). Please be sure to keep daddy in your prayers!! He had good internet connection at his first destination last night, so we were able to skype with him!! We just got off of the phone with him a few minutes ago and he's getting ready to go to their next destination. We don't know how connection will be tonight, but we look forward to talking to him again when we can. Thank you for your prayers!!

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Bethany said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SABRINA! I hope you had a lovely day!

Hopefully, I'll be sending my letter to you very shortly :)