Friday, March 30, 2012

Early Birthday For Sabrina!!

Since daddy had to be gone on Sabrina's birthday, we celebrated as a family on the Saturday before.  It was a great day!  Here are some pictures that we took.

Happy Birthday Sabrina!!  You are such a blessing and we love you!!

Sienna made a wonderful fruit salad for breakfast

Daddy and Sabrina went to a German bakery and picked out some tasty treats!


I think she likes it too. :)

Enjoying breakfast

Stasia made Sabrina quite the special birthday hat!!

Playing capture as a family
(mommy played too, but she took the picture!!  Sienna and I must have been guarding our bases :)

We had some errands to do on the base and got a quick snack at the Food Court

Daddy and Mommy let Sabrina pick a special book from the old book store for a b-day gift!

We went to a German grocery store to find some..

..."Kinder eggs"!!!

They have a little toy inside.

One of the men where daddy had to go asked if daddy could bring some kinder eggs and other chocolates since they can't get them there.  So we fixed them up with some chocolate and the man got daddy some Ethiopian coffee!! 

Mommy, Sabrina and Daddy

Shenandoah and Sabrina

Sayer and Sabrina

Seth and Sabrina

Stasia and Sabrina

Sienna and Sabrina

Sabrina and I

We took a long walk!!

It was Sabrina's desire to explore this path

The kids were uneasy because of...

...this building that had strange things painted on it.

It only turned out to be the building on the "Sportplatz" (sport place)

There was a beautiful view!!


More scenery

Back down into the village

I found these cute little pine cones!!

We enjoyed dinner at an Italian restaurant!

Sabrina requested brownies...

...and french vanilla ice cream!!

"May the Lord Bless You and Keep You"

A birthday prayer

"Do you think I can blow out all of the candles?"

She did!


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Bethany said...

Looks like you had lovely day, Sabrina! Thanks for sharing the pictures, Savannah, they were fun looking through =)

Sabrina, have you gotten my letter yet? If not, you should be getting it sometime soon!