Friday, March 9, 2012

Enjoying Our Walks

With the weather a little warmer now, we've been enjoying some great walks around our village.  There are so many neat little trails and the scenery is beautiful!!!  I don't know that I'll say something for every picture, but all of the scenery is in and around our village.

Unfortunately, I was sick the first day and stayed at home, but mommy got some good pictures!!

This is just down our street and almost looks like it used to be an old stable house or something

They had a lot of fun "climbing the mountain!!" (as the boys told me when they got home :)



Happy little girl!!


This is the church behind our house that the bells chimes often.  We love listening to them!!  Between this church and the clock tower in our village, we hear chimes on every 1/4 of the hour, of course it chimes on the hour, 6:00 every evening, and quite a bit Sunday morning!! I'm going to miss them when we go back home.

Trying to get a few pine cones!

Lots of wood piles around here!

Time for the park!!


The second time, I was feeling better and able to go - so pleasant!!

Through the woods

Looking at the creek

We found a rock with the name of our village!!


Gods Country Boy said...

Say, I put up a post advertising your little "giveaway" over on my blog. Free publicity! :D Thanks for putting this on and putting up the neat shots of life over there. I enjoy them.

Emily Brower said...

It all looks like you're living in a book :) I can imagine you're making many wonderful memories there!