Saturday, March 10, 2012

From Last Week...

Just a few random things!!

We were able to conference in to our church back home!!!  Such a blessing!!!
We even sang along during hymn time (it was slightly interesting though since we couldn't hear them while we were singing.  Sometimes we were ahead and sometimes behind. :) We'd pause at the end of each verse and adjust accordingly.)  It worked out really well though.

The sky was so pretty one night

Go, Stasia, Go!!!

We had fun playing together
(the other team was in the dark and the picture didn't turn out)

Daddy gave the kids marching lessons!

When you're used to having two side by side fridge/freezers back home, adjusting to the much smaller one is an adventure!!  Since we're so close to the base though, we've just opted to shop more frequently. :)

Leftovers are a common lunch spread!!

Quick Funny Story:
Last week, we were getting ready for lunch one day when we heard a man calling out in German and ringing a hand bell!!  When we went to the window, we saw him driving by and apparently picking up any old appliances etc.  We found it so unusual that we scrambled for the camera.  He was already a ways down the road when mommy made it out there to snap the picture, but he stopped and asked mommy if she needed something (at least that's what she guessed as we couldn't understand :).  It was kind of embarrassing and mommy ran inside really quick - we thought he was backing up to our house, but thankfully he drove on. :)

This food truck stopped across the street from us - it got interesting though as the lady had unknowingly blocked the gentleman who lives in that house from leaving his driveway!!  She finally came back out of another house though and it was fine.

Stasia lost a tooth!!

We made new friends and had the Snell family over for dinner!
Thank you all for coming - it was such a nice time!!

I think all of the kids enjoyed it too!

Mommy surprised us by stopping at a bakery 
(YUM!!) on the way to...

...the spring bazaar!!

We had a lot of fun looking around

Shenandoah enjoyed her little mouse candy

"Smile for the camera!!"

Ms. Jennie (our land lady) had quite a few children's books here when we moved in.  The younger ones have been fascinated by a few stories they've never heard before.  Can you see the intrigue on their faces during "Jack and the Beanstalk" above?! :)

All tuckered out with "Pumpkin" (her special horse)

We took daddy back to the bazaar and the kids got to ride the merry-go-round!  I don't think Shenandoah had ever ridden one before and she thought it was great!!

Breaking News!!  "Man Avoids Starvation by Eating Burger King!!" 
Thankfully it wasn't that bad, but here is an interesting fact.  Not only does our family rarely eat fast food, but we NEVER eat Burger King because daddy doesn't care for it very much.  It's kind of always been a family joke since we were stationed in Japan (really the only time I remember having Burger King) that we don't eat Burger King. You can imagine our surprise when daddy took us there for lunch the other day!! :)


Gods Country Boy said...

Hey, look on the bright side. At least BK isn't as bad as Mcdonalds! :D
Fun stuff, and neat pics.

Lauren said...

What a creative idea to conference with your church! You must miss them so much!

Sarah Elisabeth said...


That's hilarious about Burger King... we hardly eat there either... and that's really funny because we live about 10 minutes away from one. In fact in our little bitty town we have Burger King, Hardees, Sonic, McDonalds and various small restaraunts!

How neat that ya'll got to do the conference with your OK church!! Wow!