Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Random Things - The past several weeks...

Okay, I'm officially behind.  :)  So much for getting new posts up last week after all!!  I'm going to do my best to remedy that problem now though, and hopefully have a lot of posts scheduled by the time we leave town again on Thursday.  Daddy is off an extra day this weekend, so we are going down to Austria and such!  Anyway, I have many adventures to post about, so lets get going!!

Sabrina made great blueberry muffins.  You can view the recipe in our recipe box page!!

Coloring - do you think Sabrina got distracted from her school? :)  It's hard to resist a precious and adorable little sister.

We went to an American-German thrift bazaar in K-town which was right by a dinosaur park.  Shenandoah wasn't too sure about the T-Rex. 

She liked the cute baby dinosaur a lot though :)

Playing at the park

Shenandoah enjoyed her chocolate lamb - her choice of treat from the chocolate factory a few weeks ago. (She pretty much never has something like this, so it really was a treat :)

Major Yape came over for dinner and fellowship.  He helped Sayer with his plane.

Seth said this pose helps him concentrate...



We were blessed by two very special mail days with surprise packages and letters from friends in the States.

Thank you dear friends - what a joy it was to hear from each of you!!!

Phonics bingo!! As you can see, the stakes were high as the winner received chocolate!! 
(note: we set it up for the boys, but mommy decided to have us all get in on the action. :) It was fun!!  Thankfully, I've been the one doing phonics with the boys so I remember all the flash cards.  Ha ha...)

One patch of green in the midst of the mud.


This mopper works great - we need to get us one of these back home. :)

Everyone pitched in

It sure smelled nice, fresh and clean!!

Looking for snail shells

Sayer enjoyed borrowing daddy's hat and boots while he was away (daddy had to wear a desert 
uniform instead).


...with daddy!!


Two ducks that were in the creek that runs behind our house

The kids enjoyed watching them

One night when I went to bed, this is how I found Sayer. :)

Entertainment from the simple things in life.


Shenandoah - our little artist.
Notice she has a piggy tail in her hair!!!  Mommy told her it was time for us to start fixing her hair and for her to keep it in - the challenging part. :)

Daddy got home safe and sound!!  We are so thankful about that.  Thank you for your prayers.  He did a great job taking pictures and video, so we all enjoyed not only hearing his stories, but being able to see what much of his week entailed as well!!!  Daddy also brought us some neat souvenirs - Ethiopian money and some special African animals that were carved of wood!!!  Thank you daddy!!!


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Enjoyed your pictures, Savannah!

Did your father go to Ethiopia? Our Daddy brought us Ethiopian money too when he came home from Ethiopia.


Lauren said...

What a great update! And, you're hopping over to Austria! You must visit Vienna and give us a full report! (-;

Cochran Family said...

Thanks for the comments!!

Shiloh - Yes, he was in Ethiopia. I actually thought about you guys. Thats neat that he brought you Ethiopian money too!! :) Good to hear from you!

Lauren - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. :) I'm sure Vienna would be great!! It's about 5 hours still though from the part of Austria we'll be in, so I don't know that we'll make it over there. I'll be sure to give a good report of what we do though!! :) We're going to do a "Sound of Music" tour of Salzburg though so I think I'll have a lot of pretty pictures from that!!

Blessings to you both!!

~ Savannah