Friday, March 2, 2012

Last Week

Do you like these "Last Week" overviews?  I hope so because here is another one!!  Enjoy the pictures...

 Our washing machine broke!!  Even though our land lady got us another one, we were so behind that we decided it would be easiest to...

 ...take it to the laundromat!!!  It actually worked out really well :)

 We ate a delicious traditional fish and chips dinner!

 Someone made Shenandoah a pair of "flip flops"

 An American neighbor boy found out we were American too and the kids enjoyed playing in our backyard.

 We have very nice German neighbors and the family on our one side just had an adorable baby girl!!!  They speak good English and we are enjoying getting to know them. We were able to take them a little gift and also a traditional midwest meal - BBQ!!  That was a lot of fun.

 They gave us one of little Ida's (pronounced "eeda") birth announcements.

 It was "garbage garbage" and yellow bag pick up week!! It gets emptied every other week (alternates with the paper container and compost) and as you can see, we needed it quite badly!!  That container is only meant for two people - it has a false bottom.  It's a challenge getting the trash of nine people to fit in it!!  I think we're doing pretty good. (I never thought I'd be excited about trash pick up - it's the little things in life :).

 Fixing dinner

 We enjoyed having Major Yape (a man daddy works with) over for dinner.  

 We thought Shenandoah was too cute with her walking stick!

 Sayer made an F-16 out of a cardboard box we had- he loves anything to do with planes!

The five youngest members of our family all together!


the ebay lady said...

Awe, love you blog!! I am new to my blogger, I just started a blog. I just followed you and hoping you'll follow back. Thanks in advance!

Veronica said...

I can only imagine what the trash can would look like with a family our size (we have a total of 14)!! OH, MY!!!!