Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Carnival of the Animals"

Daddy was off this weekend, but with a few under the weather (and more getting that way) we decided it was best to stay close. Daddy took those of us who were feeling well to listen to an orchestra perform "Carnival of the Animals" - it was really neat and was a lot of fun (even though we couldn't understand any of the narration because it was, of course, in German! We were able to pick out a few of the animal names though)!!

Daddy really likes it over here because they serve espresso everywhere!

Getting ready


It was a neat place

It begins!!!

I'm trying to post a video of the finale, but we'll see if it uploads down below!

On the way home...
I thought the sun and sky was so bright and pretty!

The wind generators in the distance reminded me of home...

A view out the front...

...and one out the side!!

Hey!  I got it to work (I think :) - if it doesn't play PLEASE let me know!!!  Hope you enjoy it!!! (Note: the ads show up automatically and I can't seem to get them off - Sorry!! - hopefully they won't be a problem!)


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Hi Savannah,
The movie says that Embedding is disabled by request.

Cochran Family said...

Thanks for letting me know!!

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