Thursday, February 9, 2012


Obviously, I'm not great at putting videos on the blog...we'll work on that! :)  For now, if you want to watch the "Carnival of the Animals" clip that I filmed below, just click the link that the movie gives you when you go to play it and watch it on YouTube.  That should work...if it doesn't, let me know. :)


Sarah Elisabeth said...


WOW! I have so got behind on reading your blog! You have been hard at work... being very faithful on the blog and packing and moving!! I wonder if you got my card before you moved....?

Your new house looks so neat!!
The new food looks amazing! (my mom just discovered she loves sourkraut!!)
I keep seeing pictures of your mom... and I thought wow! She's got to be feeling a little anxious about all the 'moving' with her husband in another country! But, I know ya'll have friends and family that have helped you along the way.

I still can't believe you are over there!!!
Our neighbor is German... he goes to Germany once a year... maybe I'll tag along one day... :) haha
It would be nice one day to travel!

Thank the Lord you made it all safe and sound! It looks as if you've had lots of fun times already.
But, wow! I think I would find it way hard to get aclimated to the 7 hour time difference!!

I'll try to check back again soon; I loved all the posts!!

Matthew Thomas said...

It's so good to see your family living a German adventure! Thanks for posting the pictures & taking us along for the ride. :-) There seems like there are so many fun & unique aspects of life there that must keep it very interesting. (Well I know it is for me!) Like the way you make your beds, or the toilets there, & recycling. (Pa would love it there! He's an avid recycler!)

God bless you one & all as you shine the light of Christ overseas!