Friday, February 3, 2012

An Evening With Friends

Last Sunday, the Gernerts had us over for dinner.  Like I mentioned in a previous post, we've been friends since we were stationed in Japan over 18 years ago!  We had a nice evening of fellowship together, but unfortunately had to leave early because Sienna started not feeling well.  Thankfully she's feeling better now!

 Melissa and Rebekah introduced us to "Uno Stacko"

 Seth really enjoyed their playmobile bins

 Sayer did too!
It's such a blessing that they're letting us borrow the playmobile while we're over here

 Oh no!  Uno Stacko got unstacked!!

 Camera wars!

 Ms. Patty and Mommy made personal pizzas for dinner

 Mr. Gernert and Daddy


 Mommy said she was trying not to covet Ms. Patty's pizza scissors :) - they were really neat!

Dinner time!!

Thank you all for having us!!

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