Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Misc. Pictures From The Past Week

The title pretty much says it!!
Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of our first walk in our village, but that was neat and we all enjoyed the fresh air. Enjoy the pictures I DID take!! :)

Sabrina made our first homemade traditional German meal - bratwursts, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, and white gravy! YUM!!

She made bagels from scratch for the first time for breakfast one day - they were delicious!!!

Shenandoah fell asleep in the car - I thought she had quite the face on!!

Our big adventure this week was navigating through Kaiserslautern while daddy was at work - it was crazy!!! The roads are so narrow and the traffic was VERY busy!!! I'm thankful for the smaller villages around where we live. :)

We drove on the autobahn for the first time!!  The younger ones kept telling mommy to "go faster, go faster!"  I'm not sure what she topped out at!!

This is the front gate at Ramstein AB - we're not yet used to the long lines to get on the base(!) - quite different than from our base at home!!

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Anonymous said...

I bet she topped out WAY over 120 mph on that autobahn!!

Thanks for all the updates. Hope everyone is feeling better! We are praying for you.

We sure miss y'all!

Mrs. "Henry"