Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our First 12 Days...

Yes, its been 12 days today since we arrived in Germany!! Besides everything that I've already posted about, here are some other things that our first 12 days have been filled with...
  • We were re-united with daddy which was the best thing that has happened so far! :)
  • Daddy got us signed in on the base.
  • We were blessed to find a rental car (for a good price) that seats all of us - this was an answer to prayer!!
  • Daddy and Mommy took our passports onto the base and were able to get us registered in on SOFA Status (to make sure we fall under military care while out of the country).
  • Daddy getting used to his new job and has been quite busy
  • Met our sweet English landlady
  • Got settled into our new German home
  • Got acclimated to the time change (almost! - 7 hours is a challenge!!)
  • Baked cookies for and met our German neighbors
  • Took care of (and are still taking care of) those with colds
  • Took care of (and are still taking care of) those with stomach flu!
  • Got assigned new chores (yes, since we are not in Europe for a vacation, but are actually living here, it's a different experience and normal life must go on!)
  • Did laundry, cooking, dishes, etc. (like we said, it's the normal stuff :)
  • Shopped at the Commissary more than once (yes, it's a challenge resetting up the kitchen!)
  • We've enjoyed the BX over here as it is SO much nicer and much larger than our one back home. It's nice to have some place you can find a few "normal" things - although we've really been enjoying new ones as well!
  • Got used to driving around the air base
  • Everyone who was old enough got library cards (yay! they have a lot of great resources and even an online German course!)
  • Getting used to driving around Germany (the rules are different and the roads are narrow)
  • Got lost a few times, but eventually found our way home! (Mommy is expanding her horizons and branching out of her comfort zone - especially for those who know her!) - she's doing a great job!!
  • Have enjoyed trying new foods and everyone has their own favorites so far...
  • Enjoyed the little villages, bakeries, shops, etc. - everything is so unique!
  • Getting caught up on correspondence and learning that the mail travels much slower over here :)
  • Getting ready to start school on Monday (as long as everyone's feeling better) and the planning that goes with that!
  • We enjoyed our first field trip to Nanstein Castle (a few posts back!) and are looking forward to our next touring expedition!! Hopefully, if daddy is off next weekend, we are going to try to go to Paris (but we kind of have to play it by ear!)
  • Have been getting used to living in a different country (at some times still hard to believe!)
Stay tuned for more posts. It's fun to see all the views on our blog and we appreciate everyone's prayers and comments! Have you noticed I've been more faithful on blogging?! :)

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Wow! Praying for you all!