Sunday, February 26, 2012

In Which We Arrived in... the Netherlands!!!

Back home, it's not so unusual when traveling to maybe drive through four different states in one weekend, but we actually drove through four different countries!! :)  Of course Germany, then Belgium, the Netherlands, and France!  I took some different things to work on in the car, but was too enthralled with the scenery that I barely got any of it done!!  Oh well, new sites are great to see! :)

 Entering Belgium!!

 A view from the back of the van

 A view from the front!!

 Look at those little folded hands and sweet little girl looking out the window!

 Even though it was foggy the view was breathtaking

 We missed a picture of the sign on the side of the road saying that we were entering the Netherlands, but one popped up on the GPS so we decided to be happy with that! :)

 We saw many neat sites along the road on our way

 It was fun to watch the scenery change as we went along

 Entering...I don't know what city :).  There's another one of those golden arches in the distance!

 I thought this was a neat picture.  Mommy did a great job snapping it!

 It was also interesting to watch the architecture change and see how differently things are built

Look at all those birds!!

 There are a lot of wind generators over here!!

And of course, it was neat to see so many of these - a sure sign you're in Holland!!

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