Saturday, February 25, 2012

In Which We Travel Again!!

Last weekend was a long weekend (daddy was off on Monday for Presidents Day), so we decided to do a little more than a day trip.  We were gone for a couple of days and were able to stay at an AB in western Germany closer to our main destination - The Netherlands!!!  It was such a blessing and worked out great!!!  I have several different posts about our time there, so I hope you enjoy them and stay tuned. :)

 The road ahead - it was really fun just to see all the different scenery even though it was a foggy day! 

 "Welcome to Spangdahlem Air Base"

I didn't get a good picture of the surrounding area, but it is much more open and not as wooded as it is around where we currently live.  It was really great to be able to see long distances and reminded us of back home!!

A little history: 12 years ago my father went off active duty and became a full time reservist flying the
T-38 (he's now obviously on active duty again).  Before that my father flew the F-16.  Well, one location my mother always wanted to be stationed at was Spangdahlem AB - an F-16 base.  So it was particularly neat for her to go there.

 We got to eat at this restaurant and our waiter was very nice!  He is German, but speaks very good English.  We enjoyed talking with him and finding out more about the area.

 We enjoyed some traditional German food!



 The ketchup packages are different here

 Goodbye to the nice little village that we ate in!

 We arrived at our...

(which was really nice and such a blessing that we were able to get it as it is a HUGE challenge to find lodging over here for a family the size of ours!!)

And we get settled in for the night...
(he somehow managed to make his appearance in every room in perfect timing to be in the picture! :)

 Plenty of room

 Plenty of beds!!

 That wasn't Sayer this time. :)

I know it's foggy and not that great of a picture, but it was such a peaceful and rather late evening.  I enjoyed standing out on our back balcony!!

Stay tuned for our visit to the Netherlands (maybe in a couple parts - we'll see! :)


Veronica said...

I enjoyed the clip-it of history! How neat that you all were able to visit that particular base!
The little bits if scenery that I could see from your pictures reminded me of my trip to Nebraska during the summer last year. It is beautiful!!
The Schnitzel looked delicious!! Was that a mushroom sauce over the top?

Cochran Family said...

Yes, it was mushroom sauce!! :)

~ Savannah