Saturday, May 5, 2012

Backroad Travel

On our way back to Garmisch, the traffic was at a stand still when we pulled out onto the highway.  Not only was it at a stand still, but it didn't seem to be doing any better than when we had been driving to Neuschwanstein that morning!! (We had been thankful to be driving the opposite direction and thought it would be better by evening, but I think it was worse!! :)  We decided to exit right back off again while we had the opportunity and try to find a different way back to Edelwiess!!  Providentially, we were glad we did.  The back roads we decided to take got us home much sooner than the highway would have and besides that, they were BEAUTIFUL!!  We got to experience some wonderful scenery.  All things truly do work together for good.  Enjoy the pictures!!!

We stopped by a really pretty water fall and mommy took the opportunity to get a sibling picture.  Shenandoah is a little out of order, but awful adorable!! :)

 Pretty view through the trees

 The water fall was beautiful!

 I like how the sun is so bright and shining just over those trees


 We wove in and out of Austria on the back roads.  We were discussing how this sign is kind of funny. It looks like the "Republic of the Ostrich". :)

 Seth found this great shell

I'm not going to add commentary to all of the pictures below.  Just enjoy the scenery!!

 Twisty curvy mountain roads!!!

 We drove through this little village and we saw this gentleman dressed up in traditional garb.  We pulled over and asked for a picture - he happily complied!!

And we made it back to Garmisch!!

 We walked the streets for a little while

 We ate dinner at this restaurant.  They had traditional Bavarian food and we all agreed that this dinner was our favorite of any we've had since being over here so far.  It was very good!!!

 Look at all the different expressions in this picture!!

 An ornery brother and a mortified sister - don't remember the exact story, but we'll leave it at that :)



Mikaela said...

I'm never brave enough to strike out on the back roads, but from the looks of it, I shall have to start trying. Did you have a good map or GPS?

That waterfall is astounding--so angular and precise.

Do most of the people speak English? I wondered when you said you asked to take a picture with that dear man in traditional garb.

Cochran Family said...

Hi Mikaela!

It was great to hear from you - thank you for the lovely comment!!

I thought your questions brought up such good points that I'm going to do a little post on it, so answers coming soon. :)


~ Savannah