Thursday, May 3, 2012

Misc. Pictures and Happenings From the Past Month

 One afternoon, some of us took a walk around our village with our German neighbors.  Their baby Ida sure is getting big and she's just as cute as ever!!

 They were watching a relative's dog, so Sayer had fun playing catch with it.

 Skateboard lessons - I don't think any of my siblings had been on one before :)

 The sky was so pretty!!

 Enjoying some Edinburgh bookshop treasures - more on this later!!

 Fun with daddy!

We had a hail storm one day - we've also since had a couple of thunderstorms!!  I didn't think they were supposed to have thunderstorms over here!!

 We ate brunch at the O-Club on base 

 The boys and I

 This is a great picture of daddy and Shen

We discovered an AWESOME park on the base - it is so much fun!!!  I don't normally get too excited about parks anymore, but this one is great. :)

 I like this picture of Sabrina

 This young lady was showing my siblings how to run around this thing - they had fun!!

 Daddy even gave it a try!!

 YAY!!! (She's laughing in this picture :)
Daddy, Mommy and I even had fun on the slide - they're so long and go very fast!! :)

 The view from the top of the slide

 The other direction

 It's spring!!

 Seth made a pretty bouquet

 Beautiful flowers

 Conferencing in for church back home

 Watching the neighbor's baby

 Lots of rain

 Then sun!!!

 Updating journals

 The boys made quite the "plane" and "tent" in the living room!

 Dinner preparations

 Poor Sheny with the flu

 We didn't feel good at all!!!

 "Do we have to get a picture?!"

 The boys had fun building a neat castle together one afternoon

 Doing school - quite the way to where that hat too!! :)

 Driving around - look at that weather!!

 The girls ate in the living room one day because...

 ...we were doing school at the table!!

 Beautiful trees

 Fields of dandelions

 We like this street in our village

 A view across the way

 A new favorite occurrence - the Italian Gelato truck has come to town!!!  
(okay, it's not very healthy, but it sure tastes good!! :)

 "Hmmm, we'll try that kind"


 Enjoying it in our backyard

 Sabrina found a snail shell outside and asked Seth to bring it in for her.  When Sabrina came inside later, this is what she found. :)

Mommy and Ms. Patty went out for lunch in K-town.

Thank you to mommy for all of the beautiful spring flower pictures!!!


Carissa said...

I really like all the pictures. Wow, the park looks like a lot of fun. i really like the flowers. They are so pretty. How did your siblings like the skateboard? I really enjoy those kinds of skateboards though I don't get to ride them very much.


Cochran Family said...

Hi Carissa!

We just got back from the weekend and I'm catching up on some blogging. :) Thank you for the comment - it was nice to hear from you!!

Yes, my siblings really enjoyed the skateboard - they had fun. :)