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Scotland Weekend Day Three - Part Two

Okay, here's part two!!

Back on the road we head toward Stirling, the William Wallace monument and Bannockburn
(some of the "from the car" pictures aren't the best quality since they're taken through the car window.  I think they still capture the scenery though!)

We were still a distance from Stirling and saw this "thing" way up on a hill and were wondering what earth it was.  After a closer look, I realized it was the William Wallace monument!!  We couldn't believe how big it was!!!

Hopefully I'm not overdoing it with all the scenic pictures!!

Stirling Castle

Driving through Stirling

We past the Robert Burns monument, so we had to get out and snap a quick picture!
(we actually did this on our way back through Stirling after the monument - that's why it's sunny now :)

A neat church in Stirling

We decided to run by the sight of the battle of Bannockburn before heading up to the monument

Although we didn't hunt down the memorial, this is where the GPS took us too, so the battle more then likely took place in the fields all around here (just outside of Stirling).

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, the Battle of Bannockburn was one of the most decisive battles in the First War of Scottish Independence and is considered by many to be the greatest Scottish victory of all time.  The song "Scots Wae Hae" was written in the form of a speech that was given by Robert the Bruce before the battle.

The Wallace Monument - it was really neat to see that they have such a good monument in memory of one of Scotland's greatest heroes!!

Up we go!!

I thought this was a neat picture

Up at the top, we got a picture with this nice reenactor

Apparently the inside has several stories with each being a museum about William Wallace etc. and you can go out on the top too.  It was too close to closing for us to go inside, but it was still really great to be there!

With Stirling in the background

Below is a somewhat panoramic look from up at the Wallace Monument

Stirling Castle

The monument overlooks the sight of the battle of Stirling Bridge which took place on September 11th in 1297.  It was one of Wallace's great victories and although the bridge is no longer there, the picture above shows the approximate area where the battle took place.

A few pictures of the scenery on our way back down

We then spent the rest of the evening walking around Edinburgh!!

Streets of Edinburgh...

The crossroads of where we stayed

Mommy's maiden name was Elder, so we had to get a picture of this one :)

Buildings of Edinburgh...

Then the sun peeked through and made it really pretty!!

The Sir Walter Scott Monument
- we were going to climb to the top, but were to late this day.  We got some good pictures of it though!!

It is so tall!!

We enjoyed listening to...

...this gentleman play the bagpipes!!! 

He let us get a picture with him too

You wouldn't believe how long it took us to get this picture!!! 
(I think this was try 987,342!! - just kidding, but it almost felt like it!! :)


This is a little model of the city of Edinburgh.  It was dedicated to the blind so that they too (by touch) could enjoy the city.

Shenandoah and Stasia

We went to the Conan Doyle to get some...

...HAGGIS to take home for dinner!!!

Yes, there it is!

Do I dare try it?!
I always said I couldn't go to Scotland without eating it. :)


It was great!!!

I actually really liked it!!!  Most everyone tried it and they were pretty much split half and half between not thinking it was too bad and not wanting to ever have it again!!! :)  Stasia and I liked it the best.

Our street at night

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