Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Salzburg, Austria

On Friday, we went to Salzburg, Austria.  Even though it was a chilly rainy day, the scenery was still beautiful and we had a great time.  We went on a "Sound of Music" bus tour and though we are by no means die-hard Sound of Music fans (there are several things about that movie that we don't particularly care for), it was a good way to see some of the beautiful scenery in and around Salzburg.  Daddy especially enjoyed not being the one driving!!! :)

We got up and around and now we're ready to leave!!

We enjoyed a great breakfast at the lodge

The other table

That's where we're headed!

On arriving in Salzburg, mommy and Sabrina stopped by a store to pick up some "Mozart Balls".
"Mozart Balls" were created by the Salzburg confectioner, Paul Furst, in 1890 and named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (who was born here in Salzburg). They are only sold in the original companies stores here in Salzburg or through mail order.  It was fun to get them in the original place they were made!!  It was actually the first time we had them and they were good.  They are a chocolate ball with some sort of filling on the inside.

Our tour guide

The fortress over looking Salzburg

Driving through the town

The countryside is beautiful

This lake is so pretty  - do see the mountains faintly in the distance?

These geese flew overhead - I love watching geese fly in formation!!

Lake, mountains, little village - lovely!!

In the bus!!
Sabrina and Seth



Sayer - my travel buddy

This was probably one of my favorite stops of the whole day!!

Sometimes scenery can almost take your breath away

Someone took a family picture for us - the only bad thing is poor Shenandoah's head!!

We stopped in this quaint little village for a little while - it is located right by some mountain lakes

We had some time to explore

One of our stops

This church is actually where they filmed the wedding scene in Sound of Music - it is very pretty on the inside.

We stopped at a little cafe restaurant...

...and enjoyed some apple strudel with warm vanilla sauce and ice cream - wow

Back on the bus

On arriving back in Salzburg, we enjoyed exploring the beautiful Mirabell Gardens!!

"Pose like the statues!" :)

Can you find everyone?

By the fountain

This tree has pretty blooms

This was a big tree!!

Shenandoah - I love this picture of her

Sayer by the lion statue


Lauren said...

How neat! I've always wanted to go to Austria! I love the photo of you all imitating the statues!

Mikaela said...

Amazing. How blessed you are to be able to explore Europe at your leisure! I'm so happy for you that you were able to visit Salzburg--the beauty (and familiar landmarks) is incredible.