Monday, May 28, 2012

"Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye!"

It's hard to believe that our time in Germany has come to a close - it went by so fast!!!  We are so very thankful for the time that we were able to spend here with daddy.  The Lord took something that we were not looking forward to (daddy deploying) and in His providence turned it into a very special experience for our whole family and the best part was that we were together!!!

Despite the fact that I've worked every spare moment of late on uploading pictures, it looks like I'm not going to have the blog all updated before we leave after all.  Oh well, I guess you all will have to look forward to more posts of our time here when we get back home.  The up side is that I have several posts that I've completed and will be scheduling so that you can enjoy them while we're on the road traveling.  Depending on how we do getting settled in back home, I may actually get some new posts up without much time lapsing between those and the ones that I scheduled!!

Right now, I have through the month of April completed (those will be the posts that I'm scheduling).  I can't wait to do the month of May when we get home - we did so much this past month and had many wonderful times as a family and with dear friends.  I'm very excited about the posts and you can look forward to them now too!!

I will finish posting of our experience in much the same way that I've been doing - kind of taking it week by week (I hope you've been enjoying that), but once that is finished we have some other overview posts that we're looking forward to doing of our time here.

So, I will leave you now with a little song that we've been enjoying as a family that we have on a WWII CD we got when we were in Normandy (more on that soon!) and I will post again once we are back in the states.

Please pray for safety in travels and that the time change will be easier going home than it was coming here!! :)

Blessings to you all!

~ Savannah

Okay, so here is the song!  It's one that they'd go and sing to the troops during WWII to boost their morale etc.  The only thing is that we're used to hearing it a LOT faster :) and with a marching band, but I couldn't find that version online.  So this will have to work!  Just imagine it the other way. :)

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Lisa said...

YAY! Glad to hear you all are on your way "home."

Praying for safe travels...