Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cochran Chronicles...

Greetings everyone!!  I decided it was time to take a short break from all of the travel posts and do a couple overview posts in the mean time.  Hopefully you all like that idea too :).

As you can tell, I'm still trying to get caught up on blogging from the past month.  I was doing really good when we first got over here, but not so much anymore!!  Of course, busy schedules could have something to do with it. :)

We are all doing well here.  We had a bad cold flu a couple of weeks ago, but thankfully a couple with slight coughs is all we have left of it.  I don't think we had been that sick in two years and it was not fun.  The Lord really has blessed us though with good health,  especially considering all the traveling we've been doing and different food we've been eating!!

Its been a good past month.  During the week, mommy is busy with trip planning for the following weekend, so I've taken over school with the younger ones.  It's going good and we're having fun, but it all takes time!!  So in the past month we've done lots of traveling, kept up on school, done the "normal" stuff of life, had some wonderful times with friends, found an awesome park on the base (it's a lot of fun!! :), recently been enjoying an Italian Gelato truck that drives through our village in the afternoon (okay, it's not healthy, but it sure is good - and a fun experience too!! :), celebrated my birthday, looking forward to Sayer's birthday on Saturday, experienced a German thunderstorm (not half as exciting as an OK one, but if you know me, than you know that I found much enjoyment in that!) and we're enjoying a little more sun this week because it has rained almost non stop for the past two!!!  They certainly have plenty of April showers over here!!  We have yet to find out if they truly bring May flowers... :)

I hope that gave a good update on the home front over here.  Now for a quick overview of our travels over the past month to give you an idea of upcoming posts.

First off, I'll be finishing up a few last posts from our weekend in Garmisch.  Hopefully you're not tired of posts from that weekend - I feel like I've been stuck on them for forever!! :)

The second weekend was... Scotland!!!  Yes, the beginning of April we drove (or rather, daddy drove) to Scotland!!  That was an adventure in and of itself.  Going to Scotland has been a dream of mine for a long time and it was an awesome weekend - we did a LOT.  I can't wait to post pictures.

The next weekend, we went on a bus tour of the beautiful Kuekenhof gardens in Holland.  It was a whirlwind tour, but we all agreed it was great to have someone else do the driving. :)  We had a great time not only at the gardens, but at a fun Dutch farm with cheese making, wooden shoe making, and a traditional breakfast.  Riding on the bus was fun too. :)

Unfortunately, next we all got the flu for about a week and 1/2.  Thankfully daddy never got sick and mommy only got the cold portion of it.  We're glad to all be feeling better now!!

Last weekend, we once again stayed in the German farmhouse that we stayed at during our Luther sites and Berlin weekend (maybe you remember that).  We went into Poland, did some shopping, enjoyed some traditional food, went to Stalag Luft III (the site of the Great Escape during WWII) and to finish off the weekend, went to the Czech Republic and Prague for my 20th birthday.  It was an awesome day filled with many special memories and some great adventures!!!

This coming weekend finds us on the road once again, this time headed to... Normandy!!!

I'm going to do my best to be consistent in getting these posts up and coming.  We'll see... :)

Blessings to you all!!

~ Savannah

First off, I'm going to do a little post of misc. pictures from the past month.  I hope you enjoy them!!

Note to readers:  I know I've been bad about responding to comments lately, but thank you to each of you and I always enjoy reading them!!  :)


Lois said...

I've enjoyed reading the posts about your travels. You have a nice way to post which makes me feel like I was there in person! I can't wait to read the post about Scotland and Stalag Luft III!

P.S. I'm Rebekah's sister at heritage of grace blog. :)

Cochran Family said...

Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying the posts!!

God Bless You,