Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On The Road Again - This Time Home!!

Yes, our time here in Germany is coming to an end. We are in the midst of packing, cleaning and mailing boxes back home!! The girls have also been busy making their father some special things that he can pull out of the freezer to eat after we're gone. Even though we've had a spectacular time over here, we're looking forward to setting our feet back on American soil!

We have been so very blessed to be able to be here with Phill. What a fantastic opportunity to see and do things we never imagined we would (and all on weekends!!!) However, we will be leaving with mixed emotions - happy to be back home, but sad to be leaving Phill. This does, though, give us the opportunity to get the home in order and also get rested up before his return!!

Savannah is trying to get the blog caught up to date before we leave for home.  It has been a little challenging with the traveling we've been doing on the weekends, school during the week with the children and in the midst of it all our computer crashed - I think it got scared with all the pictures we were downloading!! Thankfully everything was backed up and we are now downloading pictures on a new braver computer!!

Please keep us in your prayers for making a military hop next week and safe travels back home.

Blessings to you all,


 Sabrina made pancakes for daddy


 Lots of boxes!!

 More boxes

 I (Savannah) had a war with my suitcase! Thankfully I won. The challenge was remembering how I got it to fit back home... Of course it is a little fuller than it was then which didn't help matters either. :)

Our dining room table (or rather the stuff on top!)


Lauren said...

Godspeed on your journey! How long does Mr. Cochran have to stay in Germany?

Mikaela said...

You will remember this time for the rest of your life! I will be sad to see the Europe pictures come to an end, but praying and rejoicing with you on your return to the States.