Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Scotland Weekend Day Four - Part Two

Then we started on our drive back to England and enjoyed the scenery and exploring a couple things along the way.

We had stopped at a grocery store earlier and found yet another difference in how we say things...
"Please collect and return your trolleys here" :)

It had the neatest little tree-lined road leading to the castle

Thirlestane Castle

Sheep on the hill by the castle

"The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want"

We got some coffee and delicious scottish treats for the road

All out the window

Not that we're a fan of Bloody Mary, but it was interesting to drive by!

The house where she is said to have stayed during her time in the town of Jedburgh

The Capon Tree

"This oak tree is one of the last survivors of the ancient forest of Jed.  It is estimated to be in excess of 500yrs old and is retained out of deference to its historical associations with Jedburgh."

A stone Scottish farmhouse

Then we come to the border once again...
One half in Scotland and the other in England

Back in England

There are an amazing amount of rock walls!!!

We had several stops that we planned on making along the way and the first one was to go to Hadrian's Wall.

Wow - we're standing at a 2,000 year old Roman Wall!!!

There were some other people there with this white dog.  Shenandoah really liked it because she said it reminded her of Daisy back home.

At the wall

Next on for the day was to go to the town of York which was one of the largest Roman capitals in Britannia.

Part of the original Roman wall is still there

We walked down the shambles which is the oldest preserved medieval street in Europe.

It was getting late - I wish we could have gotten a lighter picture of it!!

All of us at the shambles (mommy behind the camera!)

Another street in York

A statue of Constantine in York

"This Roman column once stood within the great hall of the headquarters building of the fortress of the sixth legion..."

I wish we could have been far enough back to get a better picture of this church - it was amazing!!

Our next stop was the town of Scrooby - unfortunately we got there after dark... :)

After trying to find a place to eat dinner with no success, we headed down the road to the old church where the pilgrim fathers once worshipped before coming to America.

A garden on the church church grounds.

We tried to get a picture in front of the church, but even with the flash it was too dark - believe me, it's there behind us though!!!  We even tried shining flashlights.

If you blow it up big, you can *slightly* see a little bit of the church

In front of the church gate

That's all for today!!  After this, we drove to and safely arrived at the air base where we were spending the night.  Their TLF (Temporary Lodging Facility) was awesome - one of our favorites since being over here.


Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, but isn't Mary, Queen of Scots and *Bloody Mary* two different people? I believe they were cousins? I think one, referred to as Bloody Mary---actually Mary I, was a daughter of King Henry the VIII and Mary, Queen of Scots was her cousin? I could have the lineage wrong, but I am pretty sure they are two different women.

K. McKinnon

Cochran Family said...

Thank you Mrs. McKinnon! Yes, I got it mixed up and was mistaken!! :)

You are right - they were cousins!

Thank you for the info!!