Thursday, May 24, 2012

Adventures on the Autobahn!

The following pictures give just a small glimpse of some of the adventures we've had on the autobahn.  What we've learned while being over here is that it is not everything that it is made out to be!!!

First of all, you've got different speed zones and there is always a posted "recommended" speed.  If the posted speed is under 110 km then you have to abide by it.  If the posted speed is 130 km then you can go as fast as you want!  It's crazy sometimes because you'll have people zip right past you - that is, if there isn't a two hour long traffic jam!!!

That happens often too (stand still traffic of varying lengths of time).  Whenever there is an accident they pretty much shut the whole highway down and if there happens to be road work (which they seem to be doing a lot of at this point in time!) you better plan on at least a couple extra hours before arriving at your destination!!!  We've started to say at the outset of a trip "It should only be this long of a drive - if the traffic isn't a problem" - if we don't have any stand still traffic it's an unusual blessing!!! :)

All that to say - we've become even more aware of our thankfulness for our highway system in the states!!!

Here we go again...


Move out of the way they're coming through!!

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