Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Scotland Weekend Day Five - The Road Home (to Germany!)

That night of sleep felt really good!!!  We got around a little later than we anticipated, but I think we all needed the rest. :)

We sure enjoyed the TLF that we stayed in - it reminded me of our old house on base many years ago.

Seth and Shen

After getting around and getting some breakfast at the base bowling ally (which actually served good bacon, eggs and hash browns, etc. It was funny though because we asked for cheese on our hash browns and the gentleman said we were the first people he had ever heard of doing that!) we hit the road again.  We had planned on doing some London sights on our way out of town, but decided against that because of the time, weather and wanting to make the earlier ferry.  I guess we'll just have to go back another time! :)

It was a cloudy rainy day

A rather large bridge we crossed 

Dover castle

There were tons of seagulls!!  I think they're so pretty and really fun to watch!!  We actually fed this little guy some crackers while waiting to board our ferry.

The white cliffs of Dover

Dover 7

Waiting and waiting... (at least we weren't late! :)

These people were feeding the seagulls too!!! :)

Then a whole group came to our car and we fed them some crackers also.

Goodbye to England

It was actually a bit of an adventurous crossing.  The captain came on shortly after leaving land and apologized for the delay in starting, but said it was due to adverse weather conditions and he also said that there were still gale force winds!!!  It was a bit more rocky than the last time!!!  Surprisingly, Stasia wasn't as sick, but a few of the rest of us were! :)


Watching the waves

We enjoyed a few special treats and just some hanging out

Stasia and Seth

Daddy and Sabrina

Shenandoah and I

Getting close to France

Back in the car!

Daddy and Sabrina

We made it home very late -  but safe and sound!!  We're so thankful to the Lord for His protection.  Thus ends our Scotland Weekend!!!

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